The redevelopment of „Rempart Des Moines“ is a unique opportunity for Bruxelles downtown area to embrace diversity and integrate within the same gesture different city aspects. The main intention of the project is addressed to develop an heterogeneous housing offer, capable to react to the complexity of the context. We choose to produce diversity within the project creating a multitude of situations: from living on the ground floor or at the treetops level, shared gardens or urban „Piazza“, narrow streets and common rooftop terraces. The connection between house scale and city scale plays a crucial rule in the project, those intermediate spaces such as courtyards, streets, terraces and community rooms generate proximity and belonging of people to their neighborhood. The project uses density as the essential quality for urban life. This proximity offers the opportunity to create a place for people establishing contact between neighbors and neighborhood. Main topic of the program is to develop 340 social and affordable apartments, together with various public or common functions: a public Sports Hall, seven Community rooms for the neighborhood inhabitants , a Kindergarden, an Old peoples home.