The urban planning pattern takes up the two prevailing directions of the heterogeneous neighbourhood and thus mediates between the residential rows (north-south) on the one hand and the commercial buildings (east-west) on the other. The four-storey building rows allow good passage through the site, their meandering form generates a sequence of squares which become an important means of identification for the residents. Alleys and courtyards alternate, a variety of views from courtyard to courtyard and exciting spatial sequences emerge as you walk through the area in both directions. Access is provided along the east façade, so that on the west side a substantial proportion of private gardens is available for the apartments on the raised ground floor. The eight-storey “towers” create a volumetric anchoring of the urban fabric; they accompany Weltpoststrasse and mark the main entrance to the quarter. They are key points of orientation within the area and offer a good starting position for attractive apartments with a panoramic view.