Living at the Hartenberg Park, Mainz , 2015, special mention

Located on the Hartenberg plateau, the property extends deep into the green park. The buildings follow this movement. Folds and protrusions anchor the buildings and create squares and courtyards. Specific omissions and recesses take up the granular layout of the surroundings: the building volume concentrates on seven compact row buildings typical of the area, and two large connected residential courtyards are created inside. Contrary to the surrounding park, the character is bright and open. Loosely scattered groups of trees and a coherent network of paths are the few but atmospheric structures that characterise the place, structure the elevation of the folded walls and generate spatial depth. Apartments with extra high kitchen areas benefit from the view to the park and the inner courtyard. The neighbouring buildings C&D are laid out with 2-3 residential units sharing a circulation core, so that the resulting apartments are oriented towards 2 sides at least. The buildings E, F & G are very efficiently organised with one core serving 3-5 residential units. Diagonal visual connections create exciting sequences of rooms that make the apartments appear larger.