• © Architectur: Duplex architects and BRUT; visualizations: Asymetrie

“Gebuur” or in English “neighbourhood” develops urban living for families: here you will find everything a family is looking for, from space to flexibility, within the social fabric of the city and a green environment. In other words, “Gebuur” is a generous response to the needs of families in the city. The flexibility of the building and the variety of functions in the common areas offer more than a traditional single-family house – whether in the city or elsewhere. “Gebuur” focuses on special spaces that complement one’s own home: the “Werft” (the common hall), the “Lochting” (the roof garden) and various “Veurdielen” (communal spaces). These areas are shared either with one’s family, one’s immediate neighbours or with all the residents of the building block. Thanks to an intelligent stacking of single-family houses, each flat in the “Gebuur” has its unmistakable presence, with an emphasis on identity and appropriation. The transition between public space, collective supply and private flat ensures a feeling of coming home. Each flat has a high-quality private outdoor space in the form of loggias, terraces, French balconies or gardens. The gardens located internally combine to form the courtyard, a collective green space, its scale matching that of the building block. Like classic front gardens, they are the green décor that all residents can enjoy together. At the same time, it also provides a unique view of the Cadix neighbourhood. The courtyard is a safe play area for children and an informal meeting place for residents, similar to that found in residential areas outside the city.