Development Outline, Stellingen , 2014

At Sportplatzring, in the geographical centre of Stellingen, the spatial densification and the layout of precisely designed public open spaces are to create a place that will become the identity carrier and development engine of the district. Sportplatzring forms the backbone of the urban development. The widening of the road space creates places with specific spatial qualities and further enhances Sportplatzring. On the sports field area, we propose an urban figure consisting of elongated, expansive buildings that enclose these identity-forming places and continue the theme of the square in semi-public inner courtyards. The residential and commercial building on Stellinger Markt plays a special role. Two 175m long buildings are placed along the busy southern part of Sportplatzring, protecting the quarter from noise emissions and constituting the face of the new quarter. The buildings of the second construction phase on the school grounds are also in dialogue with the adjacent building stock. Here, we propose eight detached houses in the park with three full storeys and a recessed penthouse level.